Personal Training


Your training…

Personal Training sessions can take place either in the comfort of your own home or at one of the sites I use for group classes. It’s a great way to get a more personalised and focused programme for you as an individual.

“Sarah tailors each session to your needs after listening and responding to you. She can even change direction during a session if necessary, which is fantastic. Sarah keeps a log of what you have done each session so you can keep a clear track of your progress and this attention and dedication lets you know that she really cares about your sessions.” Emma – PT client

45 mins 1 person – £30
45 mins 2 people – £20 per person*
45 mins 3+ people – £15 per person*

*For the 2 people and 3+ people  sessions if someone can’t make the session the pricing will adjust to the number of people in the session. Eg if it’s a 2 person session and someone can’t make it becomes £30 for the 1 person.


What’s included…

In these sessions you can expect the following (you do not have to do the Food diary / testing / goals / body measurements etc – this is up to you and what you want from the sessions):

  • 45 minute workout planned around your specific needs/requests
  • A professional and friendly approach
  • Enjoyment! I’ll make the sessions enjoyable for you based on your feedback and what types of exercise you prefer
  • Monthly body composition testing and weigh-ins if requested
  • A set of goals to achieve which will be set together taking into account what you want from the sessions
  • Strength and fitness testing if requested
  • Weekly food and nutrition diary if requested